Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The 1st Free Intro Workshop @Harmonics Life Center Kona

This Friday Oct 5, from 10am for 2 hours, you will be shown a way to become your OWN DOCTOR!


You are invited to 2 hour-free workshop by Gen Morita and Yumi Kikuchi, founders of Harmonics Healing Hawaii and directors of Hawaii College of Oriental Medicine (HICOM) sharing a complete healing system. Harmonics Healing is based on Japanese traditional medicine.

This is a introductory workshop and we will give classes and retreats for those who are serious to master this healing system.

When:  Friday, Oct 5,10-12am (Free/ donation appreciated)
Where:  75-286 Hoene Place, Kailua Kona, HI

What you learn:

Sotai Exercise 
: Inspired by the movements of cats and infants. Gentle stretching and breathing practices to meet your body where it’s at.

Soto Therapy
: The use of heat to stimulate particular systems of the body has been used around the world. Treatment results in organs becoming softer, blood vessels and tissues opening. Disease caused by cold or congested blood and lymph are eased.

Life Energy Test: Similar to applied kinesiology but more scientific and specific, this system determines appropriate foods and medicines for each individual.

Harmonics Healing practices are easy to learn and can be practiced by anyone, anywhere.

Gen and Yumi will share the healing techniques in a two hour workshop, followed by an open-clinic where participants will have the opportunity for private sessions with the team. They have been practicing and teaching these methods around the world for over 20 years. They have helped hundreds of people heal chronic and acute conditions using these methods.

Sotai Exercises, Soto Therapy, and Life Energy Test are the foundation of the Harmonics Healing system. This one day workshop will give you the tools to safely balance your body to optimum health.

RSVP: 334-9616 (Yumi/ Gen)

p.s. If anyone is coming from Hilo side, I would appreciate you bring the digital camera I left at Yuko's.

Our website: Harmonics Healing Hawaii