Thursday, February 7, 2013

Harmonics Healing Workshops, Classes and Retreats 2013

If you choose to control your health and life, we may be able to help you.  Gen and I (Yumi),  founder of Harmonics Life Center Hawaii and Harmonics Healing, have been happily sharing our skills and knowledge of Japanese traditional medicine to the communities of Hawaii since 2011.

Based on Japanese traditional medicine, Gen has been practicing Harmonics Healing for 20 years (with me for 15 years) in Japan and just less than 2 years in Kona (since May 2011).   This healing system has been practiced in Japan until the western medicine prevailed in Japan.  

It is simple, but powerful and effective,  something you can learn and practice by attending 40 hours of classes, workshops or retreats (80 hours if you want to be a practitioner) .   

Come and join us for free introductory workshops this February, 2013 in Kona and Hilo.  Yes, it is free! (donations appreciated and accepted)

Kona Workshop:  Sunday, February 10 @Dragonfly Ranch from 1-3pm
Hilo Workshop: Thursday, Feb. 21 @Naniloa Hotel 10th Floor, sponsored by HICOM, from 2-4pm

E-mail me if you would like more information.  The workshop will be in English and we accept donations.  Personal consultations will follow after the workshop for those who want to know what kind of food, medications, supplements, exercise, environment and modalities are proper for themselves.
Classes (8 weeks) for practitioners will be available for more than 4 people, 1 week retreat will be available for more than 2 people upon request.

Our hourly rate for teaching/sharing is $100 (private). The 1st consultation is $150.
It takes two of us to listen to what your body is saying closely and accurately.

Call: 334-9616 for an appointment for the private consultation.

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