Monday, March 6, 2017

Health Consultation by ZOOM (Long Distance): 遠隔の個人健康相談、受け付けています

For those who can not come to see us in Kona, Hawaii, we offer a ZOOM session and it has been working great.

Before ZOOM, it was not that easy, but with ZOOM, it is almost like being with the client in our office (for you, you will see us as if you are in our office).

If you have any health issue that you want to improve or to heal naturally using holistic approach (based on Kai-Medicine from Japan), contact Yumi and Gen by e-mail.  What we do is we will listen to what your body is saying and will tell you that. (not our opinion)

To schedule a session, you can call or text us: 808-209-three three 77.

Our consultations are done by two of us (Gen and Yumi work together to check your energy of each organ using the technique called LET), and for 1st session is $150, and 2nd on $100 per hour.  If you have financial challenge, let us know.  We will find a way to support you.

Now, we have clients in several countries from afar, US mainland, Canada, England, Costa Rica, Japan and of course Hawaii.  We speak Japanese and English,


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