Monday, March 26, 2012

Harmonics Healing Hawaii

      Welcome to Harmonics Healing Hawaii website (blog).

This site is made by Gen Morita and Yumi Kikuchi living in Kona, Hawaii. We both share our passion to spread Harmonics Healing here in Hawaii as well as any other places in the world. Our mission is to promote and share this simple and powerful wisdom based on Japanese traditional medicine so that you Become Your Own Doctor who can heal yourself and prevent diseases before they develop.

We learned our basic healing knowledge originally under Dr. Ryosuke Uryu of Kai-Igaku (Kai-Ryoho) Institute based in Tokyo, Japan. Then we spent years traveling around the world, learning and incorporating many other holistic modalities, which eventually led us to develop into our own method called Harmonics Healing in 1998.

We moved to Kona, Hawaii from Chiba, Japan, after the earthquake, tsunami and radiation disaster on March 11, 2011, where we grew most of what we ate including rice and taught Harmonics Healing to those who wanted to become their own doctors for 12 years.

We are now living our dream of creating a sustainable community in Kailua Kona on Hawaii Island (Big Island) by simply growing our own food as much as we can in our small garden including rice, and sharing vegetables and fruits with families and friends in the community. If more people in this community grow their own food in their gardens, Hawaii will become more sustainable and people will enjoy much healthier life, too.

It is our joy to help people be healthier, more powerful, more dynamic, more passionate and most importantly living their dreams. By practicing Harmonics Healing, you soon will find yourself much younger and with more vitality than before, and will be amazed to know how much power you have. You will be filled with love and care for the Mother Earth once you regain your optimal health.

Now, we are ready to share our Harmonics Healing here in Hawaii for those who want to live a healthier life free from fear of getting serious illnesses and to wish their children the same.

If you are wanting more vitality, power and youthfulness, we can help you.
If you are seeking holistic and alternative healing advices, we are happy to serve you.
If you are needing a second opinion based on Japanese traditional medicine incorporated with modern medicine, we are here for you.

You can come to our place for private sessions and workshops.

Our business hour: Tuesday to Sunday 9:30am-5:30pm.

Simply give us a call or send us an e-mail for inquiry: 808-334-9616

Our consultation fee is $150/hour for the 1st session, $100/hour after 2nd sessions. No one will be rejected for economic reasons. We will accept a payment plan and in kind payments, too.

Gen Morita & Yumi Kikuchi
Harmonics Healing Practitioners/Instructors
Directors of Hawaii College of Oriental Medicine (HICOM)

Scheduled Workshop: 2012, June 12 in Hilo

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