Thursday, May 10, 2012

Super Fitness@The Big Island of Hawaii

On Feb 3, 2012, I became a member of Pacific Island Fitness in Kona, which was a birthday gift to myself.  I turned a half the age of how long I want to live.  The former half of my life is over and I am starting the latter part of my life, so, I needed to take better care of my body and health. 

I have missions to accomplish.  I want to  keep working to create more sustainable society here in Kona and in Japan.  There is so much to do and I need at least 30 or more healthy years to accomplish what I started doing before I leave this body.

 Even though we had grown most of what we ate in Japan organically and also trying to do the same here in Kona, Hawaii, which is quite healthy, you still need to exercise regularly to keep your body in good shape. I confess I have stopped all kinds of sports for nearly 30 years.
I used to dance in my teens and 20s, but after I started working, I stopped dancing completely.  So, I had less muscle and more fat when I joined the club.

SO, joining a fitness club in another country(USA) was quite a big leap for me, but my Japanese friend in Kona invited me to a ZUMBA class, which I had no idea what it was, but now I enjoy so much. I had never heard of ZUMBA in Japan. It is like an aerobics dancing in Latin Music.  I love latin music so it was perfect combination for me: dancing in latin music.  
  One of my ZUMBA instructors is Naomi.  Her stamina is amazing and she has such a beautiful and powerful body, and of course, as a woman,  I wanted to be like her.
Well, I am much older, but it is better to be late than never to start something you enjoy and also good for your health.

So, if you want to visit Hawaii and to join me to Super Fitness retreat, please e-mail me.

The retreat is 7days(6nights) minimum and longer, that includes lodging, 2 raw food meals a day, fitness club (class) fees, pick up at the airport, transportation to and from the club daily, taking you to the airport (Kona).  Gen and I will share what we have learned from Bay NVC (Non Violent Communication) and I will lecture on food and environment, tips on how to stay healthy in more contaminated world (more radiation and chemicals). We also will check what your body is wanting (and not wanting) to be healthier by LET (Life Energy Test).

I look forward to having you at our house in the center of Kona, Harmonics Healing Hawaii. Our garden is small but we grow many vegetables and fruits, and even started growing rice!  You can experience an abundant life and nature of Hawaii in town!  

You will witness how much you can grow in a small garden, and you will be inspired.  And by the end of this retreat, you will be energized, more healthy and maybe in better shape than before.

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